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Cornerstone Copy Roadmap

A Cornerstone Copy Roadmap is a detailed copywriting guide that can be referenced by anyone involved with the sales process. It's the first thing you need before marketing a product or service.

How many products or services does your food company have on the market? One? One hundred? For each of those products/services is there a documented strategy on how those involved in the sales process should present them to potential buyers?

If not, your company can benefit from a Cornerstone Copy Roadmap in the following ways.


Control the Messaging With Documented Benefit-Driven Cornerstone Copy Points.

The Cornerstone Copy Roadmap will ensure that every marketing effort stays within the desired company guidelines. Make it easy for in-house marketers, agencies, and freelancers to build marketing campaigns.  

Open Space Office

Get Your New Product or Service to Market Faster and for Less Money.

Avoid back and fourths between departments, multiple copy and content revisions, and language that doesn't reflect your brand's voice.

Drawing on a Board

The Cornerstone Copy Roadmap is a Living Document that Grows With Your Product/Service.

As your product or service evolves, so will your CCR. This will ensure everyone is up to date on the latest features and benefits.

Plotting the Course

Your Cornerstone Copy Roadmap begins your company's core values and how they tie into each specific product or service. The CCR is an extensive document that details everything about your company's product or service needed to create effective marketing campaigns on any platform.

Here's everything included in a Cornerstone Copy Roadmap...

Customer Profiles

Complete breakdown of the"who" your company is marketing its product or service to.

Market Research

Competitor breakdowns, test/trail statistics, rating/review data, case studies, and more.

USP&ESP Statements

Perhaps the two most important things for creating effective copy;  Unique and Emotional Selling Propositions.


A list of approved taglines to be used in any piece of sales copy.

Positioning Statements

These set the tone and voice for speaking directly to your buyer avatar.

Breakdown of Product or Service

Clear language detailing how your product/service works so marketers can speak to it.

Company's Core Values

How does your product/service tie back into the company's vision? 

Copywriter CHeatsheet

Headlines, leads, calls to action, testimonials, and objection scripts that can be referenced by marketers, in-house writers, sales people, freelancers and agencies.

A Simple 3-Step Process 

Information Gathering

You provide the vital product/service info, market demographics, and case studies.

Client Review & Sign-Off

We draw up your Cornerstone Copy Roadmap and then review and edit.

Your Customized CCR

You keep and share the roadmap with your team, freelancers, and agencies.

An Added Bonus...

If your product or service changes within one year, we'll make the necessary adjustments to its Cornerstone Copy Roadmap for FREE!