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My Story

Me in a nutshell...

Shelled Walnuts

It seems like you really want to get to know me. I'm flattered! Well, here it goes.

I live in Detroit, Michigan, with my partner and two daughters. In 2016, I left my culinary career behind to pursue my second love: writing. Much like in my culinary career, I tackled becoming a freelance copy and content writer through an education in the school of hard knocks. While my BS(s) in Business Administration and Economics (with a minor in communications) equipped me with the essential tools, I knew that the only way to become an expert in your field was through tons of perfect practice.

After many mentorships, professional development classes, writing every day, and marketing myself, I landed my first handful of clients. From there, I was able to start my own small digital content agency called Savor Content.


While I was proud of my achievements, the birth of my first daughter spurred me to seek a more steady and predictable income. In early 2022, I went on full-time as a Marketing Manager with one of my clients, Brace. There, I had a unique opportunity to become well-versed in tech marketing and learn how to market to a very small niche demographic—mortgage servicing. 

In August of 2023, an industry-adjacent tech start-up called Stavvy acquired Brace. I worked for them until December 2023, when they eliminated my position. 

With that red light, I sit and wait for another green light. Will it be you who gives me the opportunity to achieve more great things? Please hurry if you think it might be because I won't wait too long. ☺️​

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